Payment Methods

Gratitude homecare makes it easier than ever to pay for your loved one’s care.

When a loved one is receiving home care, you want to concentrate on their health and well-being, not tracking your bills, making payments, and following up to see if your payments were received.

At Gratitude Homecare, we want to provide you with the best possible experience, not only with your loved one’s care, but also when it comes to receiving and paying your bills. That’s why we now offer online billing and payments. This innovative, online solution streamlines the billing process and makes making payments simpler than ever.

Available to you at no extra cost, online billing and payments enables you to do away with keeping track of paper invoices, remembering which bills have been paid and which are still due, and following up to see if payment was received. You can simply and securely pay online by credit card and set up autopay so you can do away with the inconvenience of remembering its time to pay a critical bill.

How does it work?

  • Gratitude Homecare sends you or your family an email when payments are scheduled.
  • Simply click a link to pay with any credit card or leave it to us and your card gets charged automatically after 1 business day. You can even split payments with other family members.
  • ClearCare automatically sends payment confirmation – everyone has records of who paid what and when. That’s it!
  • Payment methods accepted: Credit Card, ACH Bank Transfer, or Long Term Care Insurance

View your invoice online and pay with just one click

Autopay to make payments even more easy

See up to the minute balances and share payments